Mabank Fire Department 
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Mabank Fire Dept Members 
Our firefighters are the BEST in the State of Texas and have true ownership in their fire department. The ownership is forged by a personal belief in serving you with pride, honor, and integrity. 
Chief Ricky Myrick has been serving you since the 1970's. He took over as Fire Chief in 1989 and still leads the department along with his command staff to this day.  
Assistant Fire Chief, Kyle McAfee 
Assistant Fire Chief, Wayne Mckenzie 
Safety Officer, Mike Rowan
Safety Officer, Chris Kemp
Medical Officer, Kenneth Tanner
Training Officer, JohnHolcomb
Training Coordinator, Johnny Adams
 Firefighter, Kenneth Richman
Firefighter, David Owens
Firefighter - EMT-B, Daryl West 
Firefighter-EMT-B, Mike Bass 
Firefighter-EMT-B, Mathew Ewaskiw
Firefighter-EMT-B, Jim Vess
Firefighter-EMT-B, Robbie Munden
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Firefighter, Gerry Sanchez 
Firefighter/ Photographer, Fred Carter 
Firefighter / EMT-B Jody Farrell 
       Firefighter, Steve Flowers 
 Firefighter, Joe Vinson 
Firefighter, Justin Bass 
Firefighter, Cody Myrick
Firefighter, Austin Trosino 
Firefighter, Daryl Landrum 
Firefighter, Chelsea Mcnutt 
Firefighter, Robert Willis 
Our Cadet Program 
Cadet, Blayne Adams    Lieutenant over Cadets
Cadet, Ely Doss 
Cadet, Kaleb McHalfey
Firefighter,  Joel Hughs 
Firefighter, Michael Morris 
Firefighter, Lupe Garza 
Firefighter,  Brant Hamilton 
Firefighter, Richard Terran